A handsome gentlemen, very nice, generous ,loving. Loves to make you happy.he trys to cheers you up in any possible way he can ,when your having bad day. hes a good hubby and a good friend . you have to be lucky woman to find a man like michon . oh yeah he is a genuis he very smart he plays alot of sport.Luckiest man you can marry

Brina : ( came home feeling down)
Michon : Hi Baby Whats wrong ?

Brina: having a bad day

Michon: your going have i fantastic day after i take you out and ill do whatever you want me
by AngelaLeticia September 25, 2011
A sexy female that is also intelligent. She is know to be fashionable and fun to be around.

Thought to be the perfect type of wife.
Wow, that girl is so fine. She is definitely a Michon
by DiamondLuv March 08, 2010
mudboy, whitey covered with mud to look black. always bakes cookies with grandma. nicknamed mudkip.
Julian: Paxon why dat nigga be actin white as fuck?
Paxon: Idk lets go talk to dat foo.

(They walk over to michon)

Michon:O Hai Der!
Julian: U white huh......my cracka radar is goin off da shizzle, he must be michon.
by XxJokrzxX August 11, 2010

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