This is the home to a diverse group of people, although I will admit that the majority of them are farmers or work in auto factories.

There is nothing wrong with our pronunciation, and we are not all hicks. A hick is somebody who chews all day on his porch wearing a wifebeater, and sometimes shooting at people who walk by. A redneck is somebody who has gotten a sunburn from working outside all of the time. There is nothing shameful about that.

Our universities are some of the absolute best. The rest of you can suck it, honestly. You might think that you're smart, especially you Californians, but you're not.

Our lakes are not for surfing. They are for swimming and fishing. We hunt more than just rabbits and 'coons'. We go for bucks and bears. We are not pansies.

The city 'folk' are much different than us country 'bumpkins'. They might live in Michigan, but they are still considered outsiders. They are not easily effected by such factors as our crazy ass weather and our shitty governor.

Flint is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Grand Rapids is crowded, and Detroit is full of drug users. If you choose to visit this wonderful state, I suggest you go to a place such as Cadillac, Holland, or Elsie.

Soda is not something you drink, it is something you cook with. Pop, on the other hand, is a lovely carbonated substane that I suggest you try sometime. Pepsi is my favorite, but whatever floats your boat.

Say what you want, but we are all better drivers than you. That's right, you barefooted Californians. Ride your little fucking trolley.

The most important thing to remember is that Michigan might be flawed, but it is not a bad state. I have lived here my entire life, I know what I'm talking about. Stop ripping on it when you haven't even been here for more than two seconds, just passing through to lame ass Canada.
Michigan has some crazy fucking weather!

Yeah, but I love it here anyway.

Fuck California!
by sallyxsaurus July 10, 2008
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1. The state where you can have 70 degrees and sun one day and a snowstorm the next.

2. A state where you can't keep a job because everything's either downsizing or moving to mexico.
Michigan... I'm unemployed and cold... wheeeee!!
by JenThe80'sFan January 27, 2004
a place where your horoscope is correct more often than the weather channel
"independence day fireworks have been canceled due to heavy snow and low visibility"
by cardenio February 04, 2005
The state consisting of two seasons; winter and construction.
Nobody should live or pass through Michigan
by Kim July 08, 2004
A.) A fairly decent state to live in, although the lack of jobs.
2.) An excellent college football team that never seems to have a losing season.
D.) Where snow is not a big deal in May.
4.) A place with a decent music scene.
E.) Mexico's biggest fan, seeing as every company decides to move there.
A.) Yeah, Michigan's not bad, except I'm getting laid off next week.
2.) The Michigan Wolverines are number 5. Again.
D.) "Hello, it's May 3rd. today was a beautiful day, 75 and sunny. Tomorrow there's a slight chance of snow and highs in the twenties."
4.) "Did you check out that new band from Grand Rapids, Still Remains?"
"Yeah bro. They're so xmetalx. Woot."
E.)"2,000 jobs will be lost as yet another company moves down to Mexico, where they can pay workers 1/6th what they pay them now."
by Q-Tip McVicker August 11, 2004
Best state in the country.
Michigan rules!
by Shiv December 23, 2003
1. a swing state for presidential elections...yeah, we matter!
2. consists of 2 peninsula's...yes, TWO. the u.p. is equally a part of michigan.
3. is not called the wolverine state because of the presence of wolverines...but because of their commitment and working like "wolverines" during the cold war.
4. state with some sweet colleges.
5. yeah, it's cold, but we like it!
6. we got all great lakes around us. beautiful, beautiful.
7. one word...pistons
8. we got the nimrods.
9. potholes-yes...unemployment? yes...
10. no state can be perfect, there are flaws, but michigan is an awesome state!
1. we vote democratic most of the time though.
2. the u.p. has the best stories.
3. we work hard, & it shows
4. michigan tech, central, concordia, ferris, michigan state, nmu, u of michigan (oldest state college in u.s.)
5. that's why you get complimentary gloves when you enter the lower peninsula.
6. if you stay anywhere in michigan, you are within 85 miles of a great lake.
7. so what if they didn't win the championship, they still got 2nd, they were defending champs and they lost in game 7, GAME 7!!
8. also, the bessemer speedboys and the kingsford flivvers were on the list for espn's high school names.
9. yeah, so what
10. worddd
by upalltheway June 28, 2005
First line of defense against the canadians.
The canadians were planning to attack, but their efforts were thwarted due to the wonderful defenses of Michigan.
by CanadianHater247 September 07, 2008
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