One of the United States of America, 26th in the Union, with the longest freshwater shoreline in the entire world. Also, a person is never more than 6 miles from a natural water source, nor 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes. And most importantly, despite our tendency to truncate words, our accent forms what is called the "General American" dialect, or the one considered accent-less by the most people (although we do have some fun with words). Apparently, for people who can't spell, there are 23 different ways the residents of our state choose to spell its name. For what truly defines this state, I refer you below:
In MICHIGAN we have two seasons: WINTER, and CONSTRUCTION. 60 degree TEMPACHUR is occasion for shorts, T-shirts, and maybe a swim. We head UP NORTH to THE COTTAGE, which is anywhere north of the state's middle. The cottage is either some disintegrating cabin in the middle of BFE where we go to play EUCHRE, get drunk and THEN shoot deer; or it's a beach house that sleeps 22 and has its own marina. THE BEACH is Lake Michigan. THE LAKE is whichever Great Lake you are closest to. THE BRIDGE is MACKINAC and never ever pronounced "Mackinack." We have CIDDIES like GRARAPIDS, DihTROIH, Pah-NEEACK, BADDLE CRICK, an AnNARBOR. After coming home from THE PLANT we park our CAHRR in the GRAAGE and then pull A COLE ONE outta the FRIGERRAIDER. Otherwise we STAHP by the SEVENuhLeven an gedduh PAHP. Soda is something you bake with. We eat a SAMWICH, drink MELK, and have SHERBERT for dessert. We make a MICHIGAN LEFT and pass on the RIGHT. Driving the SPEED LIMIT warrants road rage. We blast through RUSH HOUR traffic at 85 mph past state troopers because they are looking for the guys doing 100. If we get pulled over we go to the SECRETARIAHSTATE. Our state bird is the MUSKEEDA which has been known to carry away cats and even small children. G's in verbs are always silent, R's are always hard, and we end our sentences with a PREPOSITION, like. T's in the middle of a word and not supported by another consonant are pronounced like a D, and when coupled with an "N", they get dropped like the useless energy-wasting consonants that they are.
<author unknown>
by Tim The Toolman Taylor March 29, 2008
Sucks. Ohio's bitch. (See '07 Pistons, Tigers, Football and Basketball Wolverines, even lost wrestling in '08.) Crappy football team, ugly-ass uniforms. It's no accident that Hell is in Michigan. It's really redundant, when you think about it.
O-H I-O. "We don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan, weeeeeeeeeee're from OHIO!"
by Michigan Blows March 06, 2008
1. A northern state of the U.S.
2. Pot-hole country.
3. Could be the only state where seeing trailer trash isn't a repulsive sight to most.
4. A state where a lot of people have mucus in their throats do to "dampness in the air"(?)
5. No real fun is had here. When you consider that it's the home of Detriot (arm-pit of this nation), What can a person expect?
6. One state where the generalizing phrase "People are stupid" is said so much it becomes commonplace. Often the people who says that are talking about themselves. At least one would hope so, for honesty's sake.
1. Similar to Maine.
2. "I just ran through four pot-hole driving down Beech Daly...better check for a flat when I get home..."
3. "Bill and Keith have bad teeth and stink, but they know how to have a good time."
4. "*cough cough cough ahem cough ahem AHEM cough cough*"... all year 'round.
5. A party themed around a has-been like Bon Jovi is considered a blast around here.
6. "Look at his method of doing his job. God, people are stupid." The speaker goes off to have a cigarette.
by Mr. Bird November 13, 2004
A girl who has a nice body, but an ugly face. I.E. Good uniform bad helmet, referring to the University of Michigan football helmets and uniforms.
Wow, that bitch is a Michigan!
by matt March 11, 2005
State with horrible drivers, too many shite Ford shitey Mustangs, spoiled brats, and jacked up roads, with car insurance rates high as hell.

Oh yeah, snow in June...WTF?!
"God I hate living in Michigan"
by Former-Ohioan August 10, 2003
1. A source of ridicule for Ohioans; the butt of many common playground jokes for young Ohioan schoolchildren.
2. Home of the worst football team in all time.
3. Funny lookin'
I hardly even know what football is, but I DO know that Michigan sucks.
by Random Ohioan March 26, 2005
Boring state with nothing going for it but Detroit. Pretty much just cornfields. I've been there many times. I know these things.
I hate Michigan, it's boring as hell.
by funkfunk April 12, 2006
The state that sucks the most dick. ever.
"Have you ever lived in Michigan?"

"Fuck you"
by Ohio Killer November 20, 2005

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