The Wolverine State. The capital of the Rust Belt. A Great Lakes state of the Upper Midwest, where the weather changes faster than a NY prostitute. The weather sucks big time. It's too cold for much of the year and too humid in the summer. It is not uncommon in anywhere in Michigan to get some snow in May. It can be 70-degrees one day and in the 50s and rainy the next. The skies are gray with overcast much of the time, making Michigan one of the states with the least amount of sunshine.

It currently ranks 8th in population with almost 10 million people, but will be passed soon by Georgia and North Carolina. Lansing is the capital and Detroit is its largest city. Other important population centers include Grand Rapids, Flint, Kalamazoo-Battle Creek and Ann Arbor. About half of the state lives in the Detroit metro area.

If you think your state has problems, try coming here. Michigan has serious problems and is experiencing a "one state" recession compared to the rest of the U.S., because it is controlled by the corrupt and anitquated labor unions of the auto industry, such as the UAW, and their Democrat money. It has refused to diverisfy its economy by placing all of its economic eggs in this industry alone. This has produced devastating effects: Michigan and Detroit have become the capital of the Rust Belt; the most job losses of any state and the highest unemployment rate as plants close, downsize or move to Mexico; people then move south or file for unemployment or transfer to plants out of state; the nation’s highest number of foreclosures; and a decline in population as people move elsewhere to find work. Things have gotten so bad for many of Michigan’s cities, that Governor Jennifer Granholm initiated a failed “cool cities” initiative to attract young folk back to its cities. It will never work because once Michiganders graduate from college, they usually leave this place. Who could blame them?

Outside its cornfields and declining Rust Belt cities, Michigan has some nice places, mostly in the far north Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula (which should belong to Wisconsin). The state is generally Dull with a capital-D with not much to do. However, Mackinac Island (pronounced MAC-IN-AW)is popular in the summer. Frankenmuth has the world's largest Christmas store and Detroit is only good for going to casinos and bars. OK, so Dearborn (a Detroit suburb) has Greenfield Village and Detroit is four professional sport teams, but the rest of the city is an urban nightmare and should almost be avoided at all costs.

Most Michiganders love to escape their "downstate" urban hell for their cabins or summer homes in Northern Michigan. Northern Michigan is good for hunting, fishing, skiing and going to the lake. Michiganders talk with a funny accent that resembles a northern dialect heard in Wisconsin, Minnesota or Ontario. Michiganders can't drive worth a damb and usually speed on the freeway as if they were in the Indy 500. Other than that, Michiganders have Midwest values and are generally friendly when compared to either coast.
Michigan is generally dull with not many good paying jobs anymore, but it is NOT the worst state to live in compared to those Great Plains States.
by krock1dk February 05, 2008
Once you get away from the cities and the cornfields, it's one of the prettiest states in the union. Check out the U.P., the Au Sable River, Torch Lake, Lake Michigan and many more areas.
Detroit's ugly, but Michigan is beautiful.
by bayou August 25, 2006
A state in the upper U.S. that is shaped like a mitten. It is a state that is usually picked on mostly because of the weather, potholes, and sports teams and people tend to say it is a bad place without even going there. It is best known for its cold weather, Eminem, and car productivity.
I want to move to Michigan someday.
by The Unknown February 22, 2005
Ok, first of all... people who say, "oh it sucks and it's so boring i've been there a million times" I LIVE HERE IN MICHIGAN I THINK I WOULD KNOW A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN YOU. yeah.. it's boring.. but there arent "just cornfields" beleive it or not, there ARE beaches here... and sometimes it gets up to 100 degrees. It's NICE having 4 seasons... at least it's not just hot weather... im sorry.. but if i had to wake up christmas morning and not see snow... it wouldn't even feel like christmas. all im saying.. is that when all everyones saying is that there's ONLY cornfields and it's only BORING... that's not the truth, so if you don't even live here... and your saying stuff like that, then you can shut the fuck up, because the only people who REALLY know about michigan are the ones who LIVE here.
person from california: OH EM GEE!! eeew michigan... all they have is cornfields!!!!

person from michigan: shut the fuck up you dumb bitch.
by Kaaaaaaatie July 24, 2006
The state where it can be a 70 degree, beautiful, sunny day on one day, and the very next can be a 45 degree rainy day. Also, it's almost impossible to find a job, due to the state being overrun by fucking idiots(Fuck you Granholm.). Other than that, Michigan is pretty sweet. It has the best sports teams - Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, and - well, the Lions, yeah, they may suck, but we still love em.

Realistic info:
Largest city is Detroit. Capital is Lansing.

Other notable cities
Grand Rapids
Battle Creek
Ann Arbor
Auburn Hills

and plenty more.
Day 1: damn, it's nice outside. let's go play some baseball.
Day 2: shit, it's rainy as hell... ain't that a bitch! plus i need to go find a job. Oh well. I'll just chill and watch the tigers kill the white sox, the pistons fuck up the bulls, and the red wings murder any team that comes in their way. Also I will watch the Lions job to any team.
Day 3: 100 degrees... fuck! plus Im goin to Detroit for the tigers game! better bring the spf 3000!

michigan > your state

by Jordan Stevens May 09, 2007
Michigan is a state in the Midwest. It is one of the best places on earth. Lots of snow but you still have the beaches of the Great lakes in the summer.
Michigan is full of lots of sun and snow
by Meghan McClain April 26, 2006
A ROCKIN STATE that gets longer days off then florida.
florida sucks and michigan rocks

by noodlemac August 02, 2006
This is the home to a diverse group of people, although I will admit that the majority of them are farmers or work in auto factories.

There is nothing wrong with our pronunciation, and we are not all hicks. A hick is somebody who chews all day on his porch wearing a wifebeater, and sometimes shooting at people who walk by. A redneck is somebody who has gotten a sunburn from working outside all of the time. There is nothing shameful about that.

Our universities are some of the absolute best. The rest of you can suck it, honestly. You might think that you're smart, especially you Californians, but you're not.

Our lakes are not for surfing. They are for swimming and fishing. We hunt more than just rabbits and 'coons'. We go for bucks and bears. We are not pansies.

The city 'folk' are much different than us country 'bumpkins'. They might live in Michigan, but they are still considered outsiders. They are not easily effected by such factors as our crazy ass weather and our shitty governor.

Flint is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Grand Rapids is crowded, and Detroit is full of drug users. If you choose to visit this wonderful state, I suggest you go to a place such as Cadillac, Holland, or Elsie.

Soda is not something you drink, it is something you cook with. Pop, on the other hand, is a lovely carbonated substane that I suggest you try sometime. Pepsi is my favorite, but whatever floats your boat.

Say what you want, but we are all better drivers than you. That's right, you barefooted Californians. Ride your little fucking trolley.

The most important thing to remember is that Michigan might be flawed, but it is not a bad state. I have lived here my entire life, I know what I'm talking about. Stop ripping on it when you haven't even been here for more than two seconds, just passing through to lame ass Canada.
Michigan has some crazy fucking weather!

Yeah, but I love it here anyway.

Fuck California!
by sallyxsaurus July 10, 2008
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