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My home state. 3 days ago it was around 55F now its 15F. in the winter the weather is like northern greenland, in the summer the weather is like southern australia. we only get 3 months of summer so its pretty cold here.

Bad. shitty as hell government, bad winter weather, ALOT of crime, one day it could be 70F the next -20F, no jobs.

Good. Best hunting in the usa, low gas prices, low jerkey prices pretty much anything you can buy anywhere else for 20 bucks you can get here for 5.
It's cold

It's affordable

It's michigan
by imjustapoorboynobodylovesme December 07, 2006
The state that is shaped like a boxing glove. Makes sense because that state kicks ass. Largest city is Detroit, which is well over 80% black. Is followed in population by Grand Rapids.
Michigan Artists: Kid Rock, Eminem, Taproot, Andrew W.K., lead singer of New Radicals, Madonna.
by Bush Fan November 30, 2004
A state with constant weather changes, like you never knew could exist. it can be warm like summer one day, and freezing cold the next. There is hardly anything to do in this state unless you live in the Upper Peninsula (abbreviated to become U.P., not to be confused with the famous disney movie up. They are called yoopers, not U.P.ers.) and you are an adventurous person willing to camp outside and/or snowboard constantly for entertainment.
Michigan person: Oh my god, there's nothing fun to do in Michigan

Non Michigan person: Why don't you go snowboarding?

Michigan person: Nah, I've been doing that all my life.
by michiganisboring December 13, 2010
a state so conservative, it is a surprise that it swings democrat
yep michigan
by YoYOyoYoYOyoYoYOyoYoYOyo October 09, 2008
It's a state of bitter, cocksure alcoholic former blue-collar laborers who can't find decent jobs because Michigan is an economic black-hole. It snows alot, and when it doesn't snow it's extremely fucking hot or ball-shrinkingly cold. Crime runs rampant in its urban centers and life just plain sucks in its small towns due to boredom. There are a lot of lakes, dunes and forests, but people from Michigan couldn't give two fucks about them because they are everywhere, and Michiganders have better things to do like drink and worry about paying bills they have no money for. Naturally, morons from out of state flock in droves to look at things that really aren't that interesting.

Michiganders are divided into two groups: Michiganders and Yoopers. Michiganders are like as described before. Yoopers are essentially Canadians, and basically not human. The only thing a Michigander hates more than other Americans and foreigners are Yoopers. Yoopers are too stupid and inbred to consider hating anyone else because they live happy-go-lucky lives as lumberjacks and have sex with their sisters and occasionally a beaver. Yoopers are very proud of themselves despite having little to be proud of, and call southerners "trolls" because they live "under da bridge, don'tcha know." Michiganders seethe with rage about this, but can't do anything about it because the logic is infallible in a retarded sort of way, and also beating up a Yooper is much like striking a child; fun, but frowned upon.
Michigander: "What the fuck are you so happy about?"
Californian: "I live in a state with nice weather and jobs."
Michigander: "Go fuck yourself!"

Yooper: *unintellible sing-songy nonsense that sounds like Canadian*
Michigander: "Goddamn Yoopers."
by The Mad Michigander February 08, 2010
The place where dreams (and roads, and jobs, and summer, and just about everything) go to die.
Marcus: I lived in lansing michigan my whole life and im almost 97% sure i lost something...something deep down in the darkest fathoms of my soul.
Tieran: Fuck ass nigga.
by joo-joo beaaanss September 19, 2009
A huge upset. Comes from the infamous loss of Michigan to Appalachian State.
Oregon State pulled a Michigan when they got trounced by Cincinatti
by John Jacobjingleheimerschmidth September 08, 2007
"More jobs to be lost to Mexico."
"More people moving to the Sun Belt."
"The Big Three lose out to Toyota and the Japanese."
"The UAW announces yet again another strike at Saginaw's steering plant."
"Budget cuts force Detroit City Schools to announce another round of layoffs for teachers."
"Governor Granholm disappointed in the failed Cool Cities initiative."

Coming up at eleven.

Is michigan good for anything?
by goinggoinggone July 06, 2007