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when one has a wad of money that consists of large bills on the outside and small bills on the inside so they appear as if they are a large amount of money.
"Damn he has a huge bankroll"
"Girl, better look closer, that is a michigan bankroll."
by richbitch313 August 28, 2009
A thick wad of currency (large bills) secured with a rubber band.
"The store clerk's eyes got big as Joe pulled a Michigan bank roll out of his pocket. (This may have originated in the 1920s when there were illegal gambling houses in Detroit. When pursued by the authorities, the crooks would flee to Ohio).
by Dan Drzewiecki November 04, 2003
A big bunch of dollar bills so it looks like you have more money than you really do.
Dude, look at the wad that guys flashing around!

Look again, that's a michigan bankroll. He's probably got all of 20 bucks on him.
by BHerner December 23, 2009
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