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Minging, ratty, skanky, smelly, most horrible human ever.
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Michaela was sort of the problem child of her family. She lost her virginity at a young age to her first boyfriend and since her early experiences with sex she discovered she enjoyed both men and women equally.
person 1: ew, look it's Michaela
person 2: what a slut. how old is she anyways?
person 1: only 13.
person 2: ...
by bhjfjuy August 03, 2010
34 202
A girl from Holbrook Massachusetts, Usually found hanging out with the usual Alexis or Sarah, sometimes she can be found with Bonnie. She has only had one boyfriend, His name is Devyn Carroll Brown. He is a black male at the age of 14.

He was also her first and only kiss.

She has recently become famous for sucking Michael Reichart's legendary penis.
Michaela: I want to ride Michael like a pony!
Alexis: EW.
Michael: YES, can I eat out your large buttocks?!
Michaela: Of course j00 can.
Alexis: EW.
by IRONMAN R.D July 31, 2009
26 326
Selfish, moody, vain, BACKSTABBER, annoying, and argghh. cannot trust someone like her. >;(

( this is only to one person, so please don't get offended - sorry )
Eugh, she's a michaela.
by Chuckkks. October 08, 2008
125 831
a stupid dumb fuck who sucks pussy all day long and plays with little dicks
glad im not a michaela
by tankthefag November 22, 2007
177 1167