a truly amazing girl. she is funny and smart, caring and sweet, outgoing and bubbly, energetic and charismatic. a real happy go lucky person. she is a boy crazy flirt who cant help herself. but she is unlike any other person you know. she is beautiful. inside and out. she loves her friends to death. she depends on them alot. she makes the most of life and always lives in the moment, thats why everyone wants to be around her. she can make the most boring situation into one of the best, happiest moments of your life, filled with inside jokes and hyperness. she is sophisticated and beautiful. someone you would all want to get with or get to know. but she is not easy. she can be very picky but when she finds somethin she wants, she is persistent. she is an amazing person that you would be lucky to know.
Everyone wants to be around a michaela.
Even if you hate michaela, you still love her.
I wish i had a michaela!!
by AnonyMouS94! September 17, 2009
Amazing, one of the best girls you will ever meet! She is beautiful, smart, caring. Everyone loves her, she has an amazing personality and whenever shes around you always have a good time. Even though sometimes she brings herself down she always finds a way to get back on her feet! Any guy would be lucky to have her. She doent mind taking risks and will do anything for an adventure. When she tells you secrets, it means you have one of the best friendships. But if you annoy her too much, consider yourself gone from her life. She is very playful and is always looking for a good time! She may regret things somtimes but always finds a way to make things better. Anyone would be lucky to meet an angel like michaela❤️
Guy 1: Wow, that girl over there is so amazing
Guy 2: Ya, she is pulling a Michaela!
by Magic101 November 08, 2014
One of the most sarcastic, no fucks given, assholes you've ever met. Doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks of her. She's the type of person who won't text you for a week but then in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon she'll send you an "I love you. You're a good friend."
She will literally make you soup when you're sick. She'll spend fifty dollars on you in build-a-bear because you kept wanting to add accessories to your Jedi pony. She'll hold your hand when you randomly burst into tears.

If you have a Michaela in your life treasure her. She loves you very much. And you will never meet anyone like her ever again.
"I'll never love anyone romantically the way I love you platonically." - Michaela
by Monny Ponny June 20, 2014
1.the best friend you will ever have in your entire life.
2.the person who the hay guys cat is in love with.
3. the most beautiful and outgiong person in the entire world.
hay guys cat: omg, i <3 michaela!!!
by the-cool1 March 21, 2009
A girl capable of doing many things who is going to make it on Broadway when she gets older. Although sometimes hard to read, she is very loving when you get to know her and has a great sense of humor. Not to mention she is really cute.
I wish I had a friend named Michaela.
by iamazombieslayer March 12, 2009
( Pronounced "michael-a" ) A situation that has become so awkward that it can no longer be explained as being "awkward".
Guy 1: Dude, this situation is so michaela

Guy 2: Man, you are totally right.
by ferocious pete July 16, 2011
A teenage (or old lady) asian or philipine cat lady who likes to masterbate and pick her nose. She is ADDICTED to facebook and loves to read your messages. She is a GREAT secret keeper and a good friend despite the masterbating picking nose thing. Everyone loves a Michaela!
Woah, you mean Entereso? Yup definitley a Michaela.
by jessie<3armybrat November 14, 2011

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