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a truly amazing girl. she is funny and smart, caring and sweet, outgoing and bubbly, energetic and charismatic. a real happy go lucky person. she is a boy crazy flirt who cant help herself. but she is unlike any other person you know. she is beautiful. inside and out. she loves her friends to death. she depends on them alot. she makes the most of life and always lives in the moment, thats why everyone wants to be around her. she can make the most boring situation into one of the best, happiest moments of your life, filled with inside jokes and hyperness. she is sophisticated and beautiful. someone you would all want to get with or get to know. but she is not easy. she can be very picky but when she finds somethin she wants, she is persistent. she is an amazing person that you would be lucky to know.
Everyone wants to be around a michaela.
Even if you hate michaela, you still love her.
I wish i had a michaela!!
by AnonyMouS94! September 17, 2009
one of the most perfect women ever to walk the face of the earth.The most beautiful thing a man will ever lay his eyes upon. A complete fucking angel.
I find it ironic that an angel like Michaela can make me sin so much!
by thetank941 November 23, 2007
girl that simply blows everyones mind
I can't believe she did something so michaela
by cheyenne gonzalez January 24, 2009
A girl capable of doing many things who is going to make it on Broadway when she gets older. Although sometimes hard to read, she is very loving when you get to know her and has a great sense of humor. Not to mention she is really cute.
I wish I had a friend named Michaela.
by iamazombieslayer March 12, 2009
Contrary to what others may think, she is the most perfect woman to walk this earth. She has a beauty about her that just makes you want to be with her, every second of every day. She is a crazy, fun, weird, kind, passionate, and loving person. She is the most amazing girl in all the lands of all the days. She should be treated like so. If one is found treating her badly, things will go wrong for that said person. In summary: she is the most amazing girl in the world, and the sexiest!! Trying to explain why people love her is like trying to explain how water tastes, completely impossible. She is the reason why many people even get up in the morning. She is the most beautiful being in the world. If you look into her eyes, you will have found a reason for living. Those eyes sparkle with an intense passion for life.
Was that Michaela?
We must hang out with her!

Wow there goes Michaela, she is soo beautiful!

I love Michaela, I always want to hang out with her!
by Donkey Kong123456789 February 04, 2010
1.the best friend you will ever have in your entire life.
2.the person who the hay guys cat is in love with.
3. the most beautiful and outgiong person in the entire world.
hay guys cat: omg, i <3 michaela!!!
by the-cool1 March 21, 2009
A girl who is absolutely the bestest frand you will ever have.
A girl that has not one issue with calling one out in the middle of class, no matter how quit it is.
A girl who is not a slut. She just knows how to get hers.
A girl that may seem shy and quit but can certainly rock your world.
A girl that wants nothing more than, for that special someone to come around and tell her how much he really cares, and mean it this time around.

A girl that has a beautiful smile and loving heart.
GAH, i wishh i was a Michaela!
by that.girl. February 04, 2010