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Davi's BoyFriend
Michael Lu is to Davi like Angelina Jolie is to Brad Pitt
by Michael Lu Davi,dd September 15, 2008

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An organism that rejects all truths no matter how true they may be. Claims that others are stalkers when in fact it is infatuated with some random girl it found online from Canada and spends countless hours on free website webcams.
1) Hey did you hear that thing over there called a Michaellu thinks you're a stalker? HAHA get real that's a Michaellu you are talking about.

2) Me "Hey look at my acceptance letter to Harvard man!"
A Michaellu- "Not real."

Me "Oh yea I forgot I'm talking to a Michaellu."

3) Me "Remember how I owned you in Super Smash Bros. Brawl Micaellu?"

A Michaellu- "More like I beat you!"
Me "Shut up! You're just another stupid Michaellu."
by VancouverAmber December 07, 2009