aka superman
a quarterback for the falcons who is simply amazing. granted he doesnt have the greatest stats when it comes to passing but makes up for it with his running ability. falcons games are extremly exciting because of vick and skill with running the ball.
Ganstawitit Smith: did u see monday night football? Vick was a G with the ball.
Tom McTruG: I kno. Tell me why tedi bruschi tried to hold him. vick cut his ass up and jetted for a 45 yd TD.
Ganstawitit Smith: i kno i was buggin out...my eyes almost left mah sockets.
by prince ingus March 31, 2005
An above average passer combined with a great runner equaling a good quarterback.
"Michael Vick is a pretty amazing quarterback!"
by me February 13, 2005
AN incrediable threat to a defense. The most electrying player in the nfl today and is going to be become one of the top passers in the nfl
mike vick is the greastest player
by dehd;ds August 26, 2005

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