An Ex-NFL player who executed dogs with a bunch of his wankster friends. He used to play for the Atlanta Falcons, where he showed amazing talent, but was too stupid to know how to play quarterback. He is now scrutinized by many around America, but the black people in the inner city of Atlanta seem to feel sorry for him. This is probably due to the lack of education and common sense among black people.
Al Sharpton gave Michael Vick a blowjob during an NAACP meeting.
by taharris August 24, 2007
1). The worst passer in the NFL. A quarterback who gets sympathy for losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 56-10 than the Chiefs get credit for setting a new rushing touchdown record

2). The idiot who had to try and show off in a preseason game, broke his leg, and cost Dan Reeves his job

3). The guy who supposedly gave herpes to a girl on purpose but ESPN and the NFL are trying to cover it up because Vick is a god and can do no wrong according to them

4). Quarterback whose coach is possibly the biggest idiot in the NFL and probably couldn't coach a flag football team to one win without Vick being there

5). Quarterback whose ass is the sole recipiant of ESPN's and the NFL's kisses
Michael Vick has one of the worst passer rating in the NFL.
by Josh May 05, 2005
A man so despised by white people that they don't even care about being called racist(falsely) when they openly display their hate for him.
Jayquan: So how do you feel about Michael Vick getting signed to the Eagles?

Cooper: I hate Michael Vick for all I care he can burn in hell.

Jayquan: Wow I think you're racist

Cooper: Well you should know by now I mean I voted for McCain.
by V-Sizzle August 13, 2009
The name that comes into play most often when discussing illegal pitbull activities.
Psychiatrist: Lopez, we're going to play a word association game. I'll give a few words, and you say the first thing that pops into your mind, ok?

Lopez: Ok.

Psychiatrist: First set of words...Illegal Pitbull Fights?

Lopez: Michael Vick
by OMGiTzBRONO August 07, 2007
A Man Who Abuses Dogs Cause He thinks he is a pimp and can get away with everything Because he is a star and thinks he is above the law
He man Call up Michael vick so he can kill my dog
by Dalty14 April 03, 2008
The combination of a good running back and an average quarterback. Also fumbles WAY too much.
Michael Vick is a good runner, but a so-so passer partly because of his subpar recievers.
by Tardy McTard February 04, 2005
One of the best running quaterbacks in football history:

get's more rushing yards then most runningbacks

fast as shit and can juke out almost any body
"Yesterday Michal Vick rushed for 147 yards!"
by Andre January 17, 2005

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