An exceptionally talented athlete who gets a lot of heat for his poor accuracy and low touchdown numbers. However, what most people who do not understand is that Mike Vick is not an ordinary quarterback. Despite the fact that his passing numbers are indeed poor he still manages to win more games than the vast majority of other QBs in the league. His exceptional running ability has been a vital part of the Atlanta Falcon's running game that has ran over the league in the past 3 seasons.

Vick is known to have choked when it counted most but have also been known to change the direction of the game with a single play. In the end, his benefits greatly outdo his flaws as he brought his team out of the bottom of the league into one of the most powerful and exciting teams in the NFL.
Michael Vick receives the ball in shotgun formation and sticks it into Dunn's chest and then hestitates. The entire defense is completely frozen as they have no idea wether Vick will hand it off to Dunn who will zoom through his blocks, pass it downfield or run it himself on the outside.
by Xandbarg October 02, 2006
Top Definition
Yet another in a long line of ghetto-fabulous idiots that managed to piss a away a career by acting like a thug. His uninspiring selfishness has led him to be considered a "running" quarterback when in fact he is probably closer to a running back that will only pass if threatened. Most of his fans love him for his nappy cornrowed hair and ability to spread herpes farther than any of his passes ever made it. However, things are looking up as he has found Jebus and now is in the good company of other degraded black athletes such as Rae Carruth and OJ.
"Hey, did you hear that Michael Vick was suspended by the NFL and he lost his multi-million dollar contract with Nike?

"Tough break, nigga, there's always Fruit Loops"

**sound of Vick's private plane heading to Canada for his debut on the Toronto Argonauts. Or the Edmonton Eskimos. Or whoever.**
by SenorMusk August 28, 2007
Also see: Ron Mexico

A "quarterback" in the NFL. A flaming case of Herpes Simplex appears to make him run on every down and makes him very antsy in the pocket.
Michael Vick throws another interception then runs to the locker room for some Gold Bond.
by whodi July 13, 2005
A running back for the Atlanta Falcons.
Michael Vick lines up in the wrong spot, he is really a running back.
by TheBest February 26, 2005
son of a bitch who murders poor defenseless dogs
Michael Vick sucks ass.
by fanboys of anything suck dick November 05, 2007
To perform unspeakable, terrible, abusive acts on an animal. The connotations, however, are most effective when describing actions towards dogs.
Put a DAMN muzzle on that thing! I’m gonna hop the fence and “Michael Vick” your dog if it doesn’t shut its trap!
by Listat August 30, 2007
One of the most exciting, yet overated quarterbacks in the NFL. He will never win a Super Bowl, mainly because he is a running Quarterback.

First, tell me how many scrambling QB's that have won a championship. Now tell me how many Pocket Passers that have won a championship. Better yet, name the last ten Super Bowl winning Quarterbacks and whether they were running Quarterbacks or pocket passers. Exactly...
Michael Vick will never lead his team to a Super Bowl unless he improves his passing.
by True QB September 05, 2006
aka Mike Vick, aka Ron Mexico

1st Overall Pick in the 2001 NFL Draft,
exorbitantly overpaid. Has never thrown for 3,000 yards in a season. Has never thrown for more than 16 touchdowns in a season.

Signed a 10-year, $130M contract with the Atlanta Falcons in December 2004, with an NFL record $37M in guaranteed bonuses.

Regarded as one of the worst quarterbacks in terms of accruacy in the NFL. Career completion average of less than 55%. Averages 1.3 touchdown passes for every interception thrown.

(Stats accurate as of 2005)
Michael Vick is overrated and overpaid
by ic_stadium February 15, 2006

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