Government Experiment: 1337
Project Olympia

A child from Baltimore comes into an operation room with a slight concussion. He comes out perfectly fine. As he begins his first swim practice after the operation, he finds himself perfecting a new form of swimming never seen before. Without knowing, Operation Olympia commenced.

The chip placed inside of young Phelps's head enhanced his inert abilities of anaerobic respiration, antibrachium rotation, extrimetie fretting, and ultimate ass kicking.

This experiment was first introduced to the world at the Athens Olympics of 2004. He now has more Gold Medals than anyone else in history and has become uncontrollable.

Now as he continues to gain popularity and power from the Olympic crowd, he is to be a non-stoppable force in swimming forever. There's no stopping him now and the only hope for the world is to stay out of water.
No beaches, no pools, no baths, no faucets. Be aware of Phelps.
Dude: hey guy, did you see Michael Phelps swim in the Olympics?
Guy: Dude, did you see him swimming home?
Dude: you mean through the Pacific Ocean?
Guy: YES! Do not go in the water!
by Ross de Boss August 12, 2008
(Verb) To eat an inhuman amount of nourishment and then justify the act by exercising as much as an animal, such as a fish.
Alternate definition: The act of being caught performing something illegal, such as smoking marijuana.
Man's Friend: Holy... Wow. How can you eat 17 extra large pizzas and 8 boxes of breadsticks?
Man: Don't worry, I'm gonna Michael Phelps it.
Man's Firend: What?
Man's: Nothing. I'll see you later. I'm gonna run around the... Moon.
by Edw Ard October 21, 2009
A celebrity who gets photographed token on a bong and then has a small town sheriff go after him!
"Paris Hilton totally got Michael Phelpsed after that DUI!"
by Cocky Sanchez February 04, 2009
A super hot swimmer who won 8 gold medals during the 2008 olympics in Beijing, breaking the gold medal record.
1. Did you see Michael Phelps last night, he won his race last night being as hot as ever.

2. I wonder what music Michael Phelps has on his ipod.
by Bobeesh August 31, 2008
The greatest Olympic Swimmer of all time with 8 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics, and 14 overall.

Michael Phelps won again? Can anyone beat him?

Michael Phelps kicks ass!!!
by californiadreamin. August 30, 2008
Only the most AWESOMEREST, hottest, most amazing swimmer in the history of the world, who broke the record for breaking records, with 8 gold metals in a single olympic setting, and 14 metals in life time.

I now Ammend that we substitute Michael Phelps for all Chuck Norris Jokes.
by Thnx4thmmrs_8443 August 24, 2008
Professional swimmer who completely dominated the 2004 and 2008 Beijing Olympics.
14-time Olympic gold medalist (the most by any Olympian!) and holds 7 world records in swimming.
Set a world record in 2008 for most medals won at a single Olympics.
Michael Phelps is awesome.
by runnforrestrunn August 17, 2008

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