swimming god

Half man, half fish
dominated in 2004 with 6 gold medals.
2008 Bejing Olympics where he won 8 gold medals with 7 world records and 1 olympic record.
I have the opportunity to be part of swimming history. To take the sport to a new level would be an honor for me. There's no better time to try this than now.
-Michael Phelps
by taweesa February 14, 2011
1. An Olympic swimmer who is the embodiment of all American greatness, he is the product of Uncle Sam, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Neil Armstrong, The Flag Raisers of Iwo Jima, and Captain America. He is the real life Aquaman except he's not totally lame like the comic Aquaman. It's rumored that Michael Phelps was raised by Dolphins and has a secret set of gills.
2. An awesome drinking game named for the greatest olympian of all time. for every gold medal michael phelps receives on that day you drink. Since he pretty much owns face and gets like 500 medals a day, even in things he doesn't compete in, the game is challenging to the most experienced of drinkers. Not even the Irish can go through this game without someone suffering alcohol poisoning.
1. Aw man I did you see Michael Phelps yesterday? He won 6 gold medals and then found a cure for cancer.
2. Dude I played Michael Phelps last night with some friends, I'm the only one left alive.
by Chas A August 11, 2008
A short legged white american swimmer and Olympic gold medalist.

Standing at 6'4 inches with 32 inch legs, Michael Phelps is the fastest white swimmer in the world with 18 Olympic medals under his belt.
Guy: Wow is that a fish?
Guy2: No, that's Michael Phelps!
by London 2012 August 04, 2012
The biggest man-beast to ever grace the waters.
Michael Phelps is making people mad because of his ability- besides the French, he's starting to piss off the dolphins.
by Jameal August 18, 2008
God in a pair of goggles, just like how Michael Jordan is God in a pair of Nikes.
Michael Phelps dominates Alain Bernard.
by azzayan August 16, 2008
To smoke weed
Dude last night i pulled a michael phelps. I was flying high
by Flunky February 27, 2009
smokin fast, smokin pot
When Michael Phelps was 19, he was arrested for underage drinking and driving under the influence. Most people forgave him. Four years later, he was caught smoking marijuana. For some reason, most people still let it slide and still see him as an idol. But what's next? A sex scandal?
by braze February 27, 2010
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