Michael Audrey Myers:

Born 1957. He was a very smart kid growing up, living a normal life. Until he started to act a little less normal than usual. Then on October 31, 1963, six year old Michael Myers brutally murdered his seventeen year old sister. He was locked away at the Smiths Grove-Warren County Sanitarium for the murder. He remained there for fifteen years, until on October 30, 1978, when he escaped. Twenty-one year old Michael Myers heads home to Haddonfield, Illinois. He chases down his remaining sister, Laurie Strode, who was adopted by a new family after the murder of Judith Myers. Michael Myers is the villain that started it all. He layed the groundwork for all those shitty knock-offs like Freddy or Jason. He doesn't stop until it's done. He is just simply evil.
Michael Myers made Halloween scarier and more famous than it already was.

Michael Myers could kick Freddy's and Jason's ass.
by sadlfj;sklfjklasj June 12, 2007
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Brutal mass murderer. Disturbed as a child, he was chosen to be inflicted with the Curse of Thorn, which focused his rage on his family and made him invincible. He has murdered scores of people, but is catatonic between Halloweens in which the Thorn constellation is present.
Michael Myers as a character was blemished by having his ass kicked by Busta Rhymes in Halloween: Resurrection.
by Kain October 16, 2004
Without a doubt the most kick ass horror movie figure. The scariest and most imtimidating, the most awesome horror character to ever be created. He wears a emotionless white mask and wears a boiler suit. He can be seen in the Halloween movies, 8 of them in total with a 9th of the way. Cursed with thorn, meaning he becomes invincable and is forced to kill his whole family. Wouldn't want to be cursed with that!
Michael Myers, the best fictional character ever!
by Kiel Hodgson March 16, 2005
One of the most famed movie murderers, michael myers claimed to have murdered his family, while wearing an unusal clown mask, yet his sister survived, which started this mass killers neverending drive to find her, and kill her, along the way killing much innocent lives, michael has been killed many ways, but relentlessly keeps coming back, neverending evil.
"We meet again, michael" - Halloween : Resurrection
by Jason August 20, 2003
Michael Audrey Myers is a serial killer from the Halloween film series. He is noted for wearing a white mask with no real expression (Some speculate his mask is an image of william shatner???) and a dark jumpsuit. He lived in Haddonfield, Illinois, and was convicted to a mental institution at a young age for stabbing his sister to death. One Doctor Loomis studied him and attempted to cure him, but deduced that he could not be cured, and is simply a heartless psychopath. Cursed by the Thorn, his goal is to kill his whole family, starting with Laurie Strode, his sister who is played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Myers is called "The Shape" in the script and credits, probably due to his tendency to stay in the shadows. His weapon of choice is a large knife.
Incidently, Michael Myers is not that comedian Mike Myers.
Michael Myers is a heartless killer. Mike Myers is a goofy comedian.
by Coo Coo Canuck June 27, 2006
a crazy-ass son of a bitch
ask anyone, they will agree that michael myers is one crazy-ass son of a bitch
by midnytkillr August 05, 2011
a horror movie character. As a kid he was posessed by this thang called thorn, he killed his sister and he was sent to tha loony bin, then he escaped 15 years later and then he went to haddonfield ilinois to kill the rest of his family,
guy #1 Who the fuck is that?
guy #2 Thats Michael Myers!
(Michael stabs both guys to death and hangs them upside down in his closet)
by LIL O.G. May 07, 2006
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