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A fat, lazy, ugly, hypocritical, liberal moron, who makes shitty films critical of right-wing politics and America in general. He constantly bashes big corporations and rich people even though he owns stock in many of the corporations he claims he is against, and is enormously wealthy, constantly moving between his three gigantic houses. He presents bullshit evidence for his claims, and often-times omitts major information from his films (such as his interviews with the manager of General Motors in "Roger and Me" when he claimed the entire movie that he couldn't get one with him). In short, he is a fat fuck that doesn't no shit about what he is talking about.
Michael Moore critics: "So the Iraq war veteren with no arms whom you proclaimed was anti-war and a victim of George Bush's "criminal" activities was actually pro-Iraq war?"


Critics: Michael?

by Drew Brown May 13, 2007
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A critically acclaimed fatass who devours those who go against him. His movies are full of lies. He blames everything on America. Blamed the Colombine disaster on America. Blamed 9/11 on America. I would like to kick him until he bleeds.
Teacher: "Now tell me, Little Johnny, month-old livers that rott in a trash can for 3 1/2 years are called what?"

Little Johnny: "Michael Moore!"

Teacher: "CORRECT!"
by djakf;dlasj January 21, 2007
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Star of "Free Willy."
Person 1: My God! Beached whale!

Person 2: Dude, you're staring at the "Sicko" poster.

Person 1: I keep doing that! Blast you, Michael Moore!
by kev123 August 16, 2008
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A fat , stupid , rich , white , liberal propagandist film maker who used to make retarded propaganda films but has since disappeared into oblivion since everyone is now wise to his fascist agenda.He probably off and joined the Taliban.
michael moore thinks free speech only applies to him and that the truth is whatever twisted bent version of perception he can use to trick you into believing in his warped madeup fairy tales and homespun mythologies
by tweeeeeeeeeeeeeek September 05, 2006
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a gluttonous, hypocratic piece of shit. Constantly complains and bad mouths how bad the USA is at handling stuff etc. sicko, yet continues to live in the country he bashes. Actually thinks that we believe everything he says like sheeps.
guy: "hey did you watch michael moore's sicko?, man america sucks when it comes to health care and america sucks in general"

guy #2: "hey dumbshit, you know that the average american makes more money than 95% of the world? Im pretty sure they can cover themselves and not recieve handouts, besides all the people that DO need all those high cost health care are either old people or people with terminal dieases that should of rolled over and died 10 years ago, who the fuck needs them? prolong life for people that have incurable diease? That is money wasted"
by chefwaffles January 09, 2008
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The man who sucks at farting and who got out farted by Peter Griffin.
Peter Griffin: .....Like the time i out farted Michael Moore.

Peter Griffing : Hey

Michael Moore : How ya doin?

*the battle begins*
by Big papa smuff smurff November 19, 2006
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far-left liberal
Communist sympathizer
Master manipulator and deceiver

Michael Moore is a piece-of-crap filmaker from Michigan who makes a living deceiving and creating propaganda by producing documentaries that are sypathetic whith socialist causes and exploit imperfections in the American system. Ironically, he is not credible. He was a college flunky and expelled from a major Michigan University for acts of plaigarism. This makes him a liar and a loser. He also has been unable to support his insane claims when pressured by his reasonable critics.

Some of his "films" include Roger and Me, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 911 and Sicko.

Michael Moore hates his own country and will not hesitate to exploit America's imperfections, despite being the greatest country the world has ever seen.
by krock1dk November 19, 2007
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