In todays NBA, you have superstars for every team that take all the shots. Ray Allen for Seattle, Kobe for LA, Pierce for Boston, Wade for Miami, ect. and Jordan made it that way. He turned a TEAM game into a battle of the superstars. No longer is it Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks it's Kobe Bryant versus Dirk Nowitzki. Jordan ruined the NBA. He created some sort of false "god-like" feeling with NBA players and it's ruing the NBA.

HE'S OVERATED and in no way shape or form the greatest ever.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the all-time leader in points, MVP Awards, second all-time leader in blocks, 3rd all-time leader in rebounds, 8th all-time leader in Field Goal %, and is tied with Michael Jordan for most championships won by an NBA player, why is he not the greatest basketball player of all tiem? Because everyone loves riding Jordan balls about everything. He was a great player, but the BEST EVER!? No way!
by Go Backz December 02, 2006
The most overrated athlete in modern history. Selfish, concerned only with scoring titles, willing to win if it didn't interfere with his personal glory.

Along with David Stern, ruined the modern NBA, creating an environment of selfishness and showboating.
Michael Jordan is on your team? Good luck getting any shots off! I hope they brought another ball!
by William Wordsworthless July 09, 2005

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