An overrated basketball player. Jordan always gets all the credit for the Chicago Bulls winning 6 NBA titles, but people fail to mention that the team also had the best rebounder in the NBA in Rodman, the best swingman in the NBA in Pippen, and a myriad of effective role players such as BJ Armstron, Horace Grant, and Steve Kerr, that he would have not come anywhere near winning a title without. Jordan was a good scorer and a solid man-to-man defender, but that's about it. His popularity mainly came from his early years when he won two slam dunk competitions and got major endorsement deals. By the way, when Jordan was the only solid player on that team in his early years, the Bulls absolutely stunk. Like rotten used up hooker ass.
Bob: "The Bulls were a great team."

Joe: "Yeah, and Michael Jordan got too much credit. And he cheated on his wife. What a dick."
by MREMR76 September 11, 2009
I agree with Willy Word above.
Jordan is also a golfing hustler's dream pigeon. Massive ego and tons of cold hard cash.
Jordan is a pitchman whore. He'll take the money and run for any crappy product that will pay him enough.

The Jordan I'll never forget is him hugging and kissing the TEAM Championship trophy while the rest of THE TEAM celebrated without the TEAM TROPHY.
Jordan's wife was the only person allowed to be with him, the wife he cheated on.
Bob Costas asked Jordan if she was his mother.
I'm Michael Jordan damm it. I carried my useless teammates on my back to all six of MY NBA trophies. I'm better than Bill Russell, who won 11 titles and 8 in a row, because I'm Michael "God Damm" Jordan.
(Bill Russell also Head Coached his team to the last two. Can anyone imagine Jordan coaching a NBA team, let alone to two world championships?)
by Glenn N. April 21, 2006
Referred to a marijuana, giving that both of them in fact have the same initials when broken down (MJ)Michael Jordan, and (MJ) Mary Jane. Both also being the greatest all time. Michael becoming the greatest basketball player of all time, and Mary for being the greatest drug of all time
Ay let's all go get high and chill with Michael Jordan!
by K-Tweezy July 31, 2006
A 23" chrome rim that goes on cars.
Is it the big truck sittin' up on Mike Jordans
thats 23's! with the big ole owl, dual heads roaring

-Field Mob, HATERS
by Lil Jon April 29, 2004
Hyped up sports star used to sell shoes to the duped masses.

Statistically a great player, won 6 rings (albeit it was in the weak 90's where expansion teams watered down the talent, where was Jordan's rings when Magic, Bird and the Pistons ruled the NBA in the 80's? Nowhere.) He always failed without Pippen, the Bulls were 182-228 in season when Pippen didn't play but Jordan did.

The year after Jordan left the Bulls, they won 2 less games. 2 LESS GAMES! That is how valuable Jordan was, Pippen was the clog that won games, Jordan was just there to sell jerseys and get on sports center.

God in a Pair of Nikes? That's what ESPN has brainwashed you kids?
Bill Russell: 11 rings
Michael Jordan: 6 rings

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 6 MVPs
Michael Jordan : 5 MVPs

Jordan had 5 losing seasons in 5 years without Pippen, and was 1-9 all-time in the playoffs with 2 sweeps and 0 first round exits. The GOAT? Not even CLOSE!
by Jajad May 16, 2008
A bad-ass player who wants to win.
Any player that can play at his level.
by Saints September 14, 2003
to be the most overated basketball player ever, and to have kids whove never seen you play call you the greatest because their on your dick from 1-2 highlights that theyve seen that kobe bryant has already done and better
1)man, michael jordan has a small dick
2)girl:hey michael jordan u wanna bang
mj:i cant my dicks too small and im gay
3)dude:hey michael let me hop on
mj:as u can see bill parave is already on my dick
by Harry Doerr July 10, 2008
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