The act of destroying something or someone. As in saying that you did really well. Also acceptable is Michael and Michaeled
Dude I Michaeled my car this weekend in that accident.

Dude I Michael Jordaned my friend today at the game. He lost by like 30 points.
by The OG Little Guy February 13, 2010
The Greatest player in NBA history. That will never change. The G.O.A.T. The greatest of all time. Who is the greatest player? Michael Jordan!!!!
Michael Jordan.
by Jordan Lover<3(: October 25, 2011
An ass-kicking, free-point making, three-point shooting, son of a gun basketball player. That does not collect his SUB CLUB stamps.
Subway Employee: Sir, do you collect your stamps?

Customer: NO, I dont, but I eat here everyday.

Subway EMPLOYEE: Thats so Michael Jordan.
by Jagu Doha April 18, 2004
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