dubs or rims with diameters of 23 inches
i just put michael jordan's on the 'lack
by atowneightynizzle November 12, 2003
also known as Black Jesus
The only difference between Jesus and Michael Jordan is Mike's 6 rings
by PairofPants January 14, 2011
The Greatest player in NBA history. That will never change. The G.O.A.T. The greatest of all time. Who is the greatest player? Michael Jordan!!!!
Michael Jordan.
by Jordan Lover<3(: October 25, 2011
Jesus is the son of God, in other words, he is the son of Michael Jordan
by nbafanboi_23 October 12, 2009
the man who made the idiots above this jealous
by rab August 20, 2003
An overrated NBA player who played in a weak era and was hyped by the media too much that people got boners over him. The bulls were still a contending team without him after his first retirement
Michael Jordan played in a weak era. If he didnt have Scottie Pippen he wouldnt have looked so good. MJ is levels below Kobe and should be thankful to have Pippen on his team
by nba genius April 19, 2011
An ass-kicking, free-point making, three-point shooting, son of a gun basketball player. That does not collect his SUB CLUB stamps.
Subway Employee: Sir, do you collect your stamps?

Customer: NO, I dont, but I eat here everyday.

Subway EMPLOYEE: Thats so Michael Jordan.
by Jagu Doha April 18, 2004

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