The best basketball player that touched earth. I successful at everything he does, a PIMP, One of the richest african american alive
by Pimpster June 24, 2003
The greatest hoopster of all time. He knows he's the greatest basketball player ever, but he NEVER bragged about his skills. He IS the greatest but he never said, "I am the greatest". He just let his playing do the talking. He was discovered by talent agents when he was attending college (was it in South Carolina, or some place else? Anybody know?). He got his college degree and THEN told the sports officials, "OK. Let's roll." A good example for younger people. He played for the Chicago Bulls and took them to NBA Championships for a number of years. He temporarily retired in 1993 after his dad was murdered by a couple of slime buckets. He got into pro baseball for a while, he didn't really shine so much there but he was laying low because when his father was killed he was afraid that he'd maybe be next. Later in the 90s when he returned to the hoops he got a standing O from everyone - even the opposing team members, even though they knew that Michael is such a powerhouse player and that he'd lead the Bulls again to kick their asses, and that's what happened of course. He finally retired again while still on top, and reappeared for a short while playing for the Washington Wizards before hanging it up for good. His positive non-egocentric attitude, his actions for charitable causes and easygoing nature makes him a real hero. In the meantime he has been featured in TV ads like one he did for some brand of hot dog ("They're goooood!"). Yeah, I bet they are. Yummy! He also starred with the Looney Tunes in a nice movie called "Space Jam". It was a bit simple, but it still wasn't too bad. Check it out. It ain't no "The Empire Strikes Back" or "Dancing With Wolves" but it ain't no "Sibling Rivalry" either. I've seen a LOT more awful flicks than that one, and I've seen some really horrible ones. Michael also showed his humanness when at the end of the Bulls regaining the championship top he ran into the locker room and cried because his father wasn't alive to see this moment of triumph. He was openly bawling when the press interviewed him. He was never afraid to show his emotion in front of zillions like that. Now that's a real adult man, a genuine superstar, a real super trouper. A true winner all the way.
Still, once word got around that Chicago had won another NBA championship, nothing Michael or any other Bulls could say could stop fans outside the arena from rioting and trashing the streets downtown in the Windy City. Some people can be such cretins.
Winter 1993. Pat comes up to me and Mike. He says, "We gonna root and bet for the Cleveland team again?" Normally, we'd say yes but this time I ask him who's the opposing team tonight. Pat says, "Chicago Bulls". I say, "Oh no no no! It might be nice if Cleveland wins again tonight, but when you add the Mighty Michael Jordan to the equation, ALL BETS ARE OFF! He makes Chicago into the powerhouse juggernaut that they are. Cleveland's gonna get their asses whipped tonight. ALL BETS ARE OFF!".

Later that night we watched the drama on TV: Chicago kicked Cleveland's asses but good. We all knew they would. Michael Jordan is too good. Wanna see a man fly? You don't mess with Michael Jordan. He's the man.
by California Sun November 08, 2007
Large shiny rims. Usually 23" to be exact. Hence the name "Michael Jordan" whose number was 23.
Jackson's ride is now pimped outbecause he has michael jordans.
by Perry April 07, 2004
Considered to be the greatest athlete in American sports history. Jordan not only transformed the game of basketball, but changed sports marketing as well.
Yes, the modern athlete has evolved, but it is unlikely we will see one have the effect that Michael Jordan did.
by hoodilydidster December 16, 2007
dubs or rims with diameters of 23 inches
i just put michael jordan's on the 'lack
by atowneightynizzle November 12, 2003
An overrated NBA player who played in a weak era and was hyped by the media too much that people got boners over him. The bulls were still a contending team without him after his first retirement
Michael Jordan played in a weak era. If he didnt have Scottie Pippen he wouldnt have looked so good. MJ is levels below Kobe and should be thankful to have Pippen on his team
by nba genius April 19, 2011
The man that Lebron James will never be as good as
Miami fan " OMG lebron is the greatest ever!!"

Everyone else who watches basketball " No, just stfu, Michael Jordan is the greatest ever
by FP123 April 07, 2011

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