A shitty passer than runs better than a lot of backs.
Well, Mike Vick got picked off five times, but he ran for 137 yards in today's game.
by azrael February 17, 2005
Verb. A way to kill dogs, This includes: Shooting, Electrocuting, Hanging, and Drowning. Society frowns upon these ways of executing dogs.
"Did you see Johnny last night? He took a belt and strangled that pit bull of his. I've never seen anyone Michael Vick a dog the way he did."
by Manwich01 September 02, 2007
The ability to earn approximately 100 million dollars over 10 years for slightly less than one touchdown pass per week and slightly more than one spectacular run every week.

Alternate definition: The ability to have the man in charge(e.g.,Arthur Blank, Falcons owner)so infatuated with you he develops a schoolboy crush and gives you said 100 million dollars.
Bill doesn't know how to do his job, but he makes the CEO laugh, so he "Vicked" that promotion.
by whitemale_98 December 30, 2004
The worst decision the Atlanta Falcons ever made, both in trading up for him as well as paying him more than what he will ever be worth. An exciting player and great athlete, but a poor quarterback that will never win a Super Bowl for the Dirty Birds. Only now are the 'experts' and analysts beginning to realize he can't play and that the Falcons wouldn't have tanked in the last half of the past 3 seasons if they had started Schaub or Dunn or one of their linebackers instead of Vick. He usually has 2 solid passing games before he starts his annual choke mid way through the season. Vick sucks up the Falcons' salary cap and gets too much attention from the media simply because he can run for more yards than an average running back. He also throws for fewer touchdowns than an average running back.
Michael Vick ran for 174 yards yesterday.. but only threw for 84!

Atlanta is where receivers go to die.

Michael Vick is a coach killer!

by Ryan S McNamara December 03, 2006
The real overrated black quarterback. At least McNabb gets to the playoffs every year, tries to be a pocket passer, and doesnt act like he's going to the Tupac show after the game.
Michael Vick is running to the sideline to get the jacket on as quickly as possible during the cold in the Bears game a couple of years ago...Maybe southerners really are pussies, afterall. I'll never get past that sight in my mind for Vick. Easily the most overrated and undertalented 'quarterback' ever.
by Scott Thomas IIII September 07, 2006
The most overrated quarterback in the NFL. Everybody kisses his ass so much it makes every Falcons game unwatchable. Very inaccurate, throws the ball so hard it's impossible to catch with just your hands. Despite his speed, he is the most sacked quarterback in the NFL.
Did you see Vick get creamed by Buckner and he fumbled the ball to Peppers who ran it for a touchdown? That was a nice play.
by Banane-Man February 01, 2005
(v.) The act of killing or mistreating animals, mostly dogs
My poodle Fluffy ate my best paperwork last night; I was so pissed so I pulled Michael Vick on Fluffy.
by HateMainstreamMusic July 10, 2008
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