A man amongst boys. A God amongst men.
Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian the world has ever seen.
by Notim Portant August 12, 2008
The hottest piece of man in the pool.
He's a complete boss, probably known as the greatest swimmer in history.
I have a feeling the pool heats up when Michael Phelps dives in.
by la-la-lauren August 12, 2008
The most dominant Olympic swimmer today. He is nothing but a self-absorbed, gold-digging glory hogging PIG who is inevitably going to win THE most gold medals ever and break Spitz's sacred record. He will PWN the Olympics and make every other Olympian into PUSSIES. He will become the GOD of Olympics and the GREATEST Olympian of All Time.
Michael Phelps will inevitably win eight gold medals in Beijing and nobody in the world is fast enough to derail him.
by F M Phelps August 10, 2008
The hottest man on the planet.
Have you seen that cute guy down the street?
Yeah, he looks like Michael Phelps!
by ayBayBay69 August 09, 2008
Super hot swimmer know now as the greatest olympian of all time, after winning 8 gold medals in a single olympics.

He has a great body and is envied by so many men and wanted by so many women.
Woman:Honey you should have Michael Phelps body. You should be like him.

Man: *thinking* Damn that mother fuckin olympian.
by miohmyitsvi August 22, 2008
an amazing swimmer who won eight straight olympic medals in 2008. fantastic almost supernatural swimmer and the number one olympian of all time
"i love michael phelps! his swimmer body is ROCKING"
by CHLO CHLO CHLOERZ August 19, 2008
To dominate effortlessly.
Michael Phelps is the best Olympic swimmer ever. His penis has gotten more action than Mike Tyson's fist.
by TheRealIzzy August 16, 2008

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