A fish. A fast fish.
Eight gold medals won at the China games.
The highest number of medals won by
a participant in a single Olympics.
Michael Phelps is my hero :)
by afis103 August 17, 2008
The God of water. A legend in the Olympics. An American who has ten gold medals and still counting. He is one hell of a beast in the water.
Michael Phelps doesn't run, he swims on land.
by KnightOIce August 16, 2008
half man half fish the greatest swimmer of all time. Some say hes less then a god but more then a man like a modern day herclues
michael phelps is as fast as a fish
by zach everest August 15, 2008
....possibly on steroids...
person 1: bro give me a dollar
person 2: no yoou dont need it
person 1: way to be a michael phelps....asshole..
by dick princess August 01, 2009
The all-time American icon who not only won 8 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics but also is documented smoking marajuana.
Dude, since Michael Phelps gets high, it shouldn't be illegal.
by B18 February 07, 2009
A term used to describe a male who has an extremely sexy and hot body but an ugly face.
Girl 1: Look at that guy over there, his six pack is so sexy.

Girl 2: Yeah but his nose is kinda big and his teeth are sorta crooked.

Girl 1: I guess he's just another Michael Phelps.
by David Swayze August 29, 2008
The number 1 swimmer in the world, in the Beijing Olympics he earns 8 gold medals surpassing Mark Spitz,a legendary swimmer. Not only he is an extraordinary swimmer he is also one of the greatest role models to the kids. Currently lives in Baltimore with his mother.
Johnny: Dude!!! Did you hear?! Michael phelps won 8 gold medals in a single olympics!!

Dave: Yah I know.. Man I wish I was like him.. I want to win gold medals too..
by Jason Donague August 21, 2008

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