A beast.
Also believed to have been raised by dolphins.
Dude, it's Michael Phelps!
Make a high pitched noise!
by Martin Ramirez August 17, 2008
The fucking King of the Ocean.
Swimmer 1) "I bet I can swim faster than Phelps!"

Guy 2) Fuck you, Michael Phelps will poo on you.

by MyMedicine August 23, 2008
Michael Fred Phelps (born June 30, 1985) is an American swimmer born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Michael Phelps is THE best swimmer EVER.
He is also the greatest Olympian in history.
person 1: did you watch the olympics last night?
person 2: yeah, i did.
person 1: did you see michael phelps?
person 2: HELL YES I DID! THAT MAN IS A SHARK! he's my hero.

Michael f***in' Phelps. 'nuff said!
by marine84x August 13, 2008
Aquaman's brother. He had the privilege of participating in the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, where he dominated in swimming.
"Hey, do you know who Michael Phelps is?"

by .bp. August 20, 2008
The male equivalent of "butter face."
Angela constantly brags about her boyfriend's muscles, but she must have a blind spot over his face -- he's a total Michael Phelps.
by C6 & C2 August 18, 2008
cumming in/on a girls eyes to where she cant see and then saying "You should have brought a snorkel!"
yea last night i gave hannah a Michael Phelps
by Phelpsfan0505 October 23, 2009
The greatest olympian ever to live.
"Wow, one day you might be as good a Michael Phelps...well maybe half as good as him."

"And on the eighth day God created Michael Phelps."
by DE 008 August 12, 2008
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