US athlete. His day consists of eating 10000 calories and swimming
Michael Phelps is a terminator sent back in time to destroy china
by fzxens August 16, 2008
To humiliate or destroy in any competition.
Person A: Dude, let's play some basketball. I'm gonna teach you some skills.
Person B: Yeah right, I'm about to Michael Phelps your ass.
by Michael Courtney August 11, 2008
a really really ridiculously good looking swimmer who owned in 2008 olympics with 8 gold medals
I can't believe Michael Phelps beat Mark Spitz's gold medal record.
by msphelps August 17, 2008
a super sexy swimmer who is powning 2008 beijing olympics
michael phelps is fuckking awesome
by omodizzle August 13, 2008
Has talent that you cannot find words for that is undescribable my personal icon who I look up to ....his attitude driven and never back down from a challenge is something I try to immitate in my life and its gotten me far and thru tuff situations he has the cutest face ever I personally love his ears and the way he talks it irresistable hottest bod everr *sighs**smiles* soooo cuuuuuuutee :] don't disrespect Michael phelps I'd like to c ur ass get up at 5:30 in the morning and swim 7 miles daily and win 10(waiting till tonight for his 11th and 12th) gold medals assholes who say he's ugly and untalented!!!!!!
Idiotic morons : "michael phelps is untalent- "
Me: *bitch slaps idiotic SOB's* funny don't see 10 gold medals round ur neck ass!!!!!
by PHELPS PHAN4everbby August 12, 2008
The hottest swimmer alive. He walked away with 8 gold medals during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Michael brings a new meaning to the world "Gold Digger".
Taylor: Did you see Michael Phelps beat that loser by one one-hundreth of a second?! That was insane!

Amber: He won that race? I was just watching his ass flop up and down and up and down.
by PhelpsPhan August 21, 2008
1) Olympic Gold Medalist for the United States

2) An enormous douche bag who can no longer keep his douchbaggery a secret from the American public.
Quit being such a phelps....Hey stop hitting on my girl, thats such a phelps thing to do... Dude stop peeing in my pool, thats such a michael Phelps move.
by Steve 12345678 August 11, 2008
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