To own somebody to the furthest extent.
John : Oh my god! I just beat up the Seniors all by myself!

Steve : Yeah, they sure got Michael Phelped..
by John Cafasso August 30, 2008
Top Definition
To take off with a quickness. To Book it. To Jet out. jettin.
To leave very quickly, vacate as fast as possible.
We swam past all the jellyfish, high.5ed the buoy 20 minutes later and Michael Phelped it back like a mermaid out of the sea! We were so scared of the jellyfish.

M.Phelp it dude, the boat is coming!
by Nadiathon. August 03, 2009
When a man is approaching climax during intercourse, he pulls out and ejaculates into the ear of his partner. In doing so he hopes to give her an ear infection. he then proceeds to let loose a huge fart in her face as to give her pink eye as well. this is meant to simulate the effects of swimming in a pool for way, way too long such as the life of michael phelps
bro 1: shit man did you hear about shelly?
bro 2: yeah I heard she got michael phelped by tom last weekend at the party.
bro 1: yeah she's been in bed sick all week.
by timmyd0m33 February 02, 2009
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