To become the most famous person on the planet, outsell every other artist in the world, and make the world a better place with your art while masquerading as a superstar in your field.
Many may try to execute the Michael Jackson Maneuver but won't have the mind-boggling talent or huge heart to pull it off. No matter--they should aim high and try!
by Logan Breezy November 15, 2012
Top Definition
The movements that one's body does when trying to dance like the iconic sexy Michael Jackson. Exercise experts have endorsed the Michael Jackson Maneuver as a great way to keep the body physically in shape and the mind emotionally at peace...a Zen quality of life.
"Beth and Raul were seeking a Zen lifestyle by doing the Michael Jackson Maneuver"
by PY Love and Peace October 21, 2012
Any dance move that is so electrifying, so awe-inspiring, so gravity-defying that only the Master, Michael Jackson, could pull it off.
That awesome lean in the Smooth Criminal video is one of my favorite Michael Jackson Maneuvers - the Man must not be of this earth because he defies gravity!!!
by SenseNOTNonsense October 24, 2012
The ability to stand still for 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing while people all around go crazy...fainting, screaming, crying.
"If you want to learn the Michael Jackson maneuver watch Michael Jackson pop out on stage during his dangerous concert at the beginning of the show and the song Jam...observe the master in action! or non action!"
by Moon Child November 01, 2012
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