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A British politician, and member of the Conservative party. Proved an utterly ineffectual Opposition Leader against the fascist New Labour government of Tony Blair.

There is "Something of the night" about him.. he looks as if he sleeps in a coffin by day and emerges at night, hissing, to suck the blood of the living.

Which he probably does.
Michael Howard is a vampiric entity, who must have fresh virgin blood to survive.
by Anne Observer June 07, 2006
A politician in the UK's Conservative party. When he was Home Secretary he was frowned on for locking a lot of people up. However, when the Blair governmnent released them all again, people realised maybe the general public were safer whilst violent criminals were behind bars. Howard was the victim of the lookist spin-doctor culture who used the "something of the night about him" comment to great effect. He became leader of the opposition when the Tories suddenly realised they had forgotten to elect a new leader after their 2001 defeat, and lasted almonst a fortnight (which is quite good by modern Tory standards).
"Why would anyone bother boting for Michael Howard the vampire? We've already got the New Labour bloodsuckers, after all".
by Stormsworder October 05, 2007
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