n. the epitome of male perfection.

Popular for his cameo appearances in Jaws (as the great white shark) and Finding Nemo (as Bruce).
Michael Fassbender is absolutely attractive. I love his shark grin!
by beingboredsucks January 12, 2012
Top Definition
A sexy Irish-German actor. Most famous for his performances in movies such as Hunger, Jane Eyre, 300 and X-Men: First Class as well as TV series such as Band of Brothers.

He has a notable bromance with X Men co-star James Mcavoy. Fans refer to them as 'Fassavoy' and in interviews between the two they seem to spend the whole time flirting with each other.

Due to his wide smile that shows both rows of his teeth he is often referred to as a shark.
Fangirl 1: Have you seen X-Men: First Class yet, Michael Fassbender is gorgeous in it!

Fangirl 2: I know he is such a handsome shark! And him and James Mcavoy are so obviously in love!
by SwarleyStinson July 11, 2011
German-Irish actor who is 34 he acted in H3X, Band of Brothers, 300, HUnger, Fish Tank My opinion is he is Very Sexy, CUte, sweet, funny, fun, TALL, &Gorgeous and he can act!

also in X men:first class along w/James Mcavoy & othr actors currently dating Zoe Kravitz
Michael Fassbender'sgorgeous, green eyes sparkle along with his dashing face & smile.
by <3seasons&dogs June 21, 2011
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