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A girl lays down on a bed and spreads her legs while the guy backs up as far as he can. He then proceeds to run towards the bed and dive like superman "into" the girl( 50 points if you can pull this off running from a hallway). You end up slamming into her, that is where the slam part comes from. A friend of mine in miami came up with this when i was living there and told me about it. This is an incredible move for guys and girls if you can get your distance, arc, and timing right, but if you don't you can really injure yourself. Proceed With Caution.
(Also Known As A Leap Of Faith)
I could see in her eyes that she was askin for a miami slam, so i backed up into the door way, ran, jumped, and the rest is history.
by Todd Gack June 07, 2004
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