1. when you cant tell if someone is latino or oriental

2. something that bears componants of mexican and chinese
1. my camp counselor said she was from mexico, but i swear she looked chinese. so i guess she was mexicanese

2. those doritos, they taste like jalopeno mexican, but they also taste like soy sauce. totally mexicanese
#mexican #chinese #mexicanese #latino #oriental
by kel-c ghould July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who is
1. half Japanese or chinese and half mexican

2. half lebanese half mexican
1. Puta, u didnt kno im Mexicanese

2. Salma Hayek
#mexican #japanese #chinese #lebanese #salma hayek
by Munegra March 15, 2009
a person which is undefinable as mexican or asian, or dificult to catogorize as either.
"Is he Mexican or Asian?"
"We can't tell so we say he's mexicanese."
#mexican #asian #ethnicity #mexicasian #race
by Kiri-chan March 18, 2009
Someone who is either mexican and chinese or is mexican and japanese.
She's pretty stupid for a mexicanese girl.
#mexican #chinese #japanese #smart #wetback
by boredgirl April 24, 2006
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