A breakfast version of the Russian Sandwich (AKA The Sneaky Lenin) popular in the resort villages of Cabo San Lucas.

Procedure: A male gives his female partner a Tequila Sunrise enema upon waking up. He soaks up the drips with a freshly made Belgian waffle, and stuffs it in her mouth.

He then flips her over and proceeds to pleasure her anally, leaving the waffle in place as a ball gag.

The trifecta (or tres-fecta, if you'd like to ingratiate yourself with the locals) is complete once she eats the waffle with man syrup and cums out the remainder of the tequila sunrise. Bonus points for a cherry involved. Super bonus points if the stem is in a knot.
Jose gave Adrianna a Mexican Waffle on a glass coffee table yesterday morning.
by Andrew Sundberg November 24, 2010
Top Definition
the act of shitting in one of those egg crate things on a dorm bed and then making the bed over it (see similar terms: "upper-decker", "hot pocket", "trunk muffin")
That guy pissed me off last night so I snuck in his room and left him a Mexican waffle.
by Sam F March 23, 2005
A waffle with manbutter and syrup instead of regular butter and syrup. Best served as part of breakfast in bed.
"Hey babe, you want me to make a special breakfast for you?"

"Yeah! That'd be awesome!"

"You're right, I will make a Mexican Waffle you'll never forget. I have a special organic protein butter that makes it really unique."
by PTSpice August 13, 2009
The act of shitting in someone's hide-a-bed and folding it back up.
"That nigga shit in my hide-a-bed and called it a mexican waffle! What a bag of douche!"
by That'sWhatSheSaid101 June 03, 2014
A odd fetish involving the use of hot sauce being poured over a vagina, followed by eating it out. Can be used with other variables, such as crushed red pepper, jalepenos, or spicy salsa.
joe- "wanna hang out today?"
chris- "nah, im gonna go eat some Mexican waffles."

timmy- "wanna go to tacobell today?"
joe- "nah lets go back to my place instead, i got a few Mexican waffles at home."
by csgsix January 28, 2011
After eating mexican food and while wearing a sombrero,a man lays his taint along his partners nose and stretches his scrotum over the mouth, all the while he rocks back and forth while screaming, " Ay yay ay yay ay".
Last night after the fiesta my man treated me to a Mexican Waffle
by Harry D. Ballsack April 01, 2007
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