When you're at a party and you're totally sloshed, 3 or more people gather around a bowl of chili with a bag of chips, adding a shot of hot sauce to the chili after each round. The contestants will rock paper scissors, roll dice, play quarters etc. to see who gets to eat first. After each person eats a chili chip, more hot sauce is added until the final loser eats the flaming hot remainder, possibly shitting themselves to sleep. Good times.
"Jake just ate all the silly chili and shit himself on my couch! Not cool! I'll go get the camera and a towel. I'm never playing mexican roulette again." sure...
by rattlesnake charmer August 31, 2008
Mexican roulette can also refer to the game of russian roulette in with the the bullet is purposely put in such a sequense in the carrige that the first person to pull the trigger dies.
Mark was at a party when he saw his ex-girlfriend, and suggested that they play Mexican roulette. He loaded the gun and gave it to her and she blew her brains out.
by Mc'Daddy July 18, 2005
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