Mexican bagpipes are that wonderful instrument that most all Mexicans have. A lawn mower.
Gary-You look really pissed off Wayne whats wrong?
Wayne-I had to spend my whole afternoon listening to Mexican Bagpipes while I was watching TV. It was Horrible!
by Zorloc March 26, 2009
Top Definition
The ubiquitous leaf blower on the back of every Mexican lawn boy. It makes a terrible high pitched whining noise when played properly. It also leaves a telltale cloud of dust and low hanging air pollution. People pay the Mexican bagpipe player to blow dirt and leaves off of their property and onto their neighbor's lawn.
I had a terrible hangover and needed to sleep it off. Unfortunately a symphony of Mexican bagpipes serenaded me for an hour. I was left with migraine and a cloud of dust and spores that was blown into my window
by C-goat October 01, 2010
A shot made from equal parts tequila and scotch.
Give me another round of Mexican Bagpipes!
by TH3 DR1NK M@ST3R June 18, 2009
When one blows air into a womans vagina and then uses his or her hands to push down on the lower stomach, pushing the air back out of her vagina, creating natural vaginal flatunlence.
Dude, you had to hear the Mexican Bagpipe I gave this girl last night, It sounded like his ass after buffalo chicken pizza!
by A Knowledgeable Mexican March 20, 2012
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