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The best kind of people. Funny. Hot. With nice tan skin. Often steriotyped as poor but in real life, very succesful. They can cook the best food and have the best accents.
-I love coming over my mexican friends house, they have the best food!
-yea me too, mexican people are the best
by zzzz14 November 22, 2014
Mexican people are like rocks — they're hard, they come from the street, and they number in the millions.
Mexican people are the only people that usually have more than one mother or father.
by WHITE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 22, 2009
fucking illegal immigrants who have no reason to be in the US.
mexican people would say:
person one: hey jump the border!
person two: me gusta taco! :D
by joejoe123 June 18, 2008
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