Having intercourse on Halloween, and/or doing so while wearing costumes.
"Dude, i Just engaged in a Mexican Halloween with this random chick. I was Ace Ventura and she was Wonder Woman or some shit."
#mexican #halloween #intercourse #wearing #chick #shit #ace #ventura #wonder #woman #costumes #sex #position #community #troy.
by Maddzstep August 21, 2011
Its when a woman is tied up like a pinata and her pussy is stuffed with sucker type candy (jolly ranchers, life savers, etc) and the man beats the woman's pussy with his cock until the candy falls out.
Last night my wife and I tried the Mexican Halloween. Mints add extra excitement for the woman.
#mexican #halloween #pinata #candy #bondage
by xfactanother November 14, 2009
mexican halloween is when a dude gets a blowjob from a chick with a mouth full of hot tamales candy , and then ejaculates on her face while yelling trick or treat
dude was dissapointed that his girlfriend didn't have any hot tamales so he only got a regular blow job instead of celebratina mexican halloween
#candy #oral #facial #cum #mexican
by dirkus October 29, 2009
The sexual act in which the female is so unattractive that the male partner requires her to wear the sheet over her head, giving her the appearance of a ghost, as he munches upon her pink taco.
She would only go down on me if I returned the favor, but that bitch was so ugly, I had to resort to the Mexican Halloween.
#mexican halloween #sex #cunnilingus #eat out #pussy
by earlgrae November 03, 2009
Having a girl ride your dick (because we all know Mexicans are lazy) and have her wear a pumpkin on her head, as you cum, you smash another pumpkin, into her pumpkin, breaking them both or just one depending on how hard you hit her.
I gave that bitch a Mexican Halloween last night.
#pumpkin #smash #lazy #mexican #sex
by YahookaIRCkr3w May 20, 2010
1. The act of painting your penis orange and yellow, then while having a girl deep throat your cock you piss down her throat shouting "trick or treat!"

2. With a candy corn cock (Orange and yellow paint) you fuck and piss in any orifice on a girl. Finished with a casual "trick or treat"
"Eat the candy bitch, it's a Mexican Halloween"
#mexican #halloween #candy #cock #piss
by Candy Corn Cock November 05, 2009
The act of rubbing feces on your face to make a mask and giving oral sex with a piece of candy in your mouth.
Do you have any jolly ranchers? I'm about to give someone a mexican halloween. Also I need feces.
#blumkin #gorilla mask #cleveland steamer #rusty trombone #blowjob
by Capt. Spankee Magoo October 29, 2009
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