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Walking into a hole in the wall Mexican restraunt. When your hostess asks you,"What shall you have this evening." You reply" A taste of Mexican Dream please." The hostess escorts you to the back of the restraunt where the sweaty former female Mexican wrestler "Maria" spreads her legs and lets you taste Mexican Dream.
EX. What do you think I should order?
Bro you need to ask the waiter for Mexican Dream?
Mexican Dream?
Its the best thing here! Its so special its not on the menu?

EX. Man you have to try the "Mexican Dream."
by Mr. Kitty is a "Navy Seal" March 30, 2011
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my mexican dream came true I now work for California DMV. downside: I need to get up by 7 am and work 8 hours checking tail pipes for smog check. My first day the boss was mad at me for trying to sniff his tail pipe.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 11, 2006
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