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A mexican tattoo is when you take a person and throw a rope around his neck, then you take that rope and tie it to your saddle. You slap the horse on the ass and put a strain on the neck. Once he gasps you take the spur on your boot and place it on his neck all while pushing your heel back piercing him with the spur.
I gave that asshole a mexican tattoo, now he'll think twice before stealing from me!
by Jeff from SD June 23, 2008
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The Mexican Tattoo was a practice often seen in the Wild West, where vigilante justice was often more common than justice administered by a lawman. It was a way of marking criminals with an indelible sign of their past transgressions, similar to branding, so society would know of their criminal past and keep a wide berth.

The Mexican Tattoo was delivered by digging one's stirrup into the offender's face or neck, leaving a distinct scar that could not be easily concealed. This was often coupled with the practice of dragging the offender behind a horse by the neck for a short distance.
The bounty hunter gave the horse thief a Mexican tattoo before sending him on his way.
by Heavy Pootis Guy July 20, 2014
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