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There are two types of Mexican sticky balls.
1) A food dish which does not exist as far as I know, where Rice, Beans, and other Mexican ingredients are baked and then covered in salsa, and they are sticky.
2) After a Mexican male is done running (most likely from the police) and he cools down a little bit, he will probably have Mexican sticky balls. It takes a little while for their balls to become sticky, because the sweat has to thicken a little bit. Right when they stop their balls are just wet and slippery. Trust me.
Wife: What's that on my face?
Me: Oh, those are my Mexican sticky balls.
by Rondon December 05, 2007
when a male's penis becomes stuck to his ball sack by taco sauce
damn man i had a mexican sticky ball last night
by numstto October 20, 2007