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When having anal sex with a girl near a staircase, spin her around right before you cum. Ejaculate in her eyes, grab her by her tits and throw her down the stairs.
Man: Want to experience a Mexican Hurricane?
Your daughter: OKAY!
by Croneisha February 10, 2008
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The act of splattering very runny diarrhea onto your partner(s) (typically by standing over him/her while defecating, but is also possible with skilled direction of explosive/projectile diarrhea) and then ejaculating semen on top of it and swirling it around to make a creamy brown mix. Works particularly well on the back or stomach.
Bitch: I want you to do an extra creamy mexican hurricane on my face.

Steeze: Sure, but no vomitting, okay?
by SoMuchSemen May 02, 2010

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