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A term used by southern Americans for a Native Canadian, walking the streets of Winnipeg, drunk or high on solvents.
"What the fuck are those Mexican Zombies doing in Winnipeg?"
by SJP123 - T July 26, 2008
Name for mexicans who stand outside uhauls, home depot and construction sites.

Someone who wants money or work; low-level mexican hustler.

(Mexican looking for work; need for work or money)

Origin: Some Black Guy?!??
Mexican Zombies jumped into my car as i drove off from home depot!

Javier, you are a mexican zombie, you can't find work?
by II Haze May 05, 2009
Zombie of Spanish descent; Especially agile and extra dangerous. Immune to all thought of Zombie defenses. In other words, you will die.
The boy was impaled by a ferocious Mexican Zombie.
by djfgnuier v June 01, 2009
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