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A restaurant chain that originates in Springfield, Missouri with over 7 restaurants in one city. The reality is that the ultra-conservative right winged owned establishment hardly holds credit enough to call itself 'Mexican' food.
It should be more appropriately titled "Ozark-Tex-Mexican Villa" (a.k.a. the ugly 3rd cousin of mexican food).
The horrible quality of the food is well known throughout the area, however for some unknown reason they've managed to become a chain store and pull in customers from all over the states, including New York City, Arizona, California, ect.
The worst part is their 'specialty sauces' that they make and sell, which is nothing more than water down ketchup and expired food that is found in the storage room of their 'factory' (closer to a water-stained warehouse).
The owners are stingy old people who refuse to even give their employees of as much as 4 years a 10 cent raise, and they've been able to get away hire dirty meth head managers.

If you are hoping to have food poisoning and a chance to see live mice and cockroaches while eating dinner, this is the place for you.
Hey do you want to go get Mexican Villa later?
No, I don't like the taste of my own throw up.
by JaniceGentry34 December 09, 2010

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