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A black turtleneck or otherwise long-sleeved shirt worn with black pants. Occasionally worn for performance events such as avant-garde ensemble pieces or low-grade High School events.
"Your costume isn't ready yet so you may have to take pictures in your ensemble costume."
"There is NO WAY I am having pictures taken in a Mexican tuxedo!"
by LauraNYC February 12, 2008
An outfit consisting of a Dickies shirt and matching Dickies pants
boy 1:is that your dad wearing the Mexican Tuxedo?

Boy 2: Unfortunately, yes
by the rillist August 15, 2010
The unseemly ensemble of a denim jacket worn with blue jeans.
"Are those Chuck Taylors?"
"I don't know, but she's wearing a Mexican tuxedo."
by B. Building May 05, 2006
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