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The act of shoving, thrusting, or injecting with force sand and ice cubes into ones vagina. Some have called it the Egg McMuffin of anal blasts. A Mexican Snowman was first seen in Paris Hilton's slutty pussy. Commonly used by women (and in rare occurances, men) of the Ginger breed.

-Common side effects of a Mexican Snowman include itching, queefs, wetardz, bein a bitch, depression, internal bleeding, impregnation by Satan, and drinking out of cups.
Frosty the Snowman was on a vacation in Mexico when J-Lo asked him if he wanted a Mexican Snowman in his icy vaginal cavity. "HeHeHeHwooaah! Why sure my feisty little gorilla girl!" said Frosty as the ho thrusted the sand in there.
by I am batman. January 18, 2012

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