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The act of performing anal sex using only hot sauce as a lubricant.
Give that bitch a double serving of Mexican Sausage with her eggs,she won't know what hit her.
by The Breakfast of Champions August 14, 2011
the act of preforming oral sex on a penis so large that it triggers the gag-reflex. this will cause the person to throw up all over the penis.
i told her she couldn't handle my dick and the bitch gave me a mexican sausage
by dickery doch May 18, 2013
A brown penis that will get you sick upon digestion. Although it has similar symptoms to Montezuma's Revenge, this is different because it can cause AIDS and take your job.
I was working at the corner until that guy with Mexican Sausage stole my hoes.
by Sediss Nutes August 17, 2008
A female lays down on a bed or flat surface face up. The male fists a taco (or any other Mexican food) into the females vaginal cavity, the male cums into the females vagina and mixes it with his Sausage (penis). After this step the male scopes up the taco with his sausage (penis) and spoon feeds the female.

Both sides of the sexual experience will receive a high levels of satisfaction. (Can use Anus for homosexuals)
"Wow john that was a great Mexican sausage, your an amazing cook," *winks*
by Mexican gardener November 20, 2015

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