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A pejorative referring to Corona brand beer, due mainly to the fact that it has very little body compared to other lagers.
Don't give me that Mexican Piss Water, when you have a frosty six-pack of Red Stripe in the fridge.
by Baphometix June 02, 2009
Eh Canadian name for Corona beer.

It can be identified by its bad taste, yellow colour and low alcohol content. Often seen on hot sunny days sitting in direct sun light adding to its already rotten flavour.
eg.1 - Mike was camping up the road at Spray lakes Canmore for the weekend reached into the cooler and to his horror pulled out a Corona and screamed " Who bought Mexican Piss Water!"

eg.2 - Doug drove his friend to the liquor store to buy beer Doug's friend returned with a case of Corona, Doug turned to his friend and said "you paid money for Mexican Piss Water ?"
by Canadian Word Smith April 13, 2015
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