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When a man cums on a girls face, lets it dry, then peels it off and feeds it to her.
"Yea i made my girl into a mexican pancake last night"
by Raynea December 17, 2008
Beans on a tortilla with salsa. Usually frito bean dip.
Dude im so poor i had tomake a mexican pancake!
by Anon February 02, 2005
Salsa 2 mujeres buns + Anaheim pepper
place Anaheim pepper between mujeres buns ( heat both sides)lots of salsa ENJOY!

If you eat too many mexican pancake U will look like mexiwookie
by itichie_nocanpo July 03, 2006
Act/ of dancing between two fat mexican woman /having one press her back and ass against the front of your body and having the other press her gut and titts against your back while both woman hold hands
Daam man that nigga stuck gettin a mexican pancake he will never be the same again
by love me some pancakes December 13, 2009
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