The act of having one person shit on the faces of two other people with their mouths open, and then french kissing after with alot of tounge.
I love to Mexican Kiss
by Bitchbot3000 July 18, 2010
Top Definition
The Mexican Kiss is basically a French Kiss, only there is a burrito in between the 2 people kissing, in fact, you could take the other person completely out of the equation, as long as there is a lot of sauce, tortilla, and tongue.
Tom: Hey George, is that a burrito?
George: Yeah.
Tom: Why are you Mexican kissing it?
George: *sob* Don't judge me!
Tom: Oh I'm Judgin'
George: Her name is Cheryl
by cancuney March 27, 2010
Farting on someone's face, preferably the mouth area.
You should have seen Katie at the party last night. She fell asleep on the couch, so John pulled down his pants, sat on her face, and blew her a Mexican kiss.
by Tristan and Ian December 26, 2007

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