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When you hook up with a girl who has both braces and a mustache.
Last time I went to Club Med, I couldn't find any hot chicks at all. I was forced to have a Mexican Bar Mitzvah with one of 'em and wound up with a serious rash on my face.
by Grinhazenbl January 19, 2011
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After f*cking a woman so hard she turns 13 and becomes a man. Music, dancing, and food usually immediately follow. The newly grown penis is obviously circumcised and the f*ckee may, in some instances, develop daily cravings for pastrami on rye sandwiches.
I drank so much Manischewitz after I gave your mother a mexican bar mitzvah last night I fell down doing to electric slide.
by KNOb23 July 13, 2009

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